Our friends over at Mandy Yams Coffee Company asked us if we’d be interested in developing the brand for the newly launched coffee roasters. Well, being lovers of coffee, of course we wanted to. Their Mandy Yams Facebook page has this description of the business, “MandyYams roasts high quality coffee to support nonprofits and make your taste buds happy.” We wanted to design a brand that would make your eye happy as well.

We wanted the brand to convey the process of roasting coffee bean, which if you didn’t know, start out as green and get their rich brown color from the roasting process. The color chosen for the logo concepts represented that with rich browns of varying tone. Our initial concepts were presented and one was ultimately chosen to represent Mandy Yams. Mandy Yams is “my” coffee.

We look forward to furthering the brand and exploring all it’s possibilities.