Onix MVP Sales Kit

The Challenge

Onix Networking, a provider in Cloud Technology Solutions was looking for an innovative “something” to use as a sales/introduction tool to approach new Google representatives. Although Google and Onix already have an existing relationship, Google allows representatives to develop individual relationships on a more personal level with vendors, providers, etc. since those representative know what their clients are looking for. Onix was looking to make a lasting statement, break the ice and open communications.

The Solution

The Onix MVP Sales Kit. Onix has a very big team culture in their corporate offices. You feel it from the minute you step in. They asked that we develop a kit with a sports theme with no specific sport in mind, just something that touted the benefits of being a member of Team Onix. The sales kit is assembled and sent out with a personalized letter from the president. It showcases all the services and benefits Onix has to offer. Netting a number of new Google team members, Onix calls this project a win.

Onix MVP Sales Kit Design

The MVP Sales Kit

The Onix MVP Sales Kit includes a personalized letter from the president of Onix Networking, VIP Pass that granted access to VIP only swag items, translucent “Google Pixel” phone business card from the Onix representative, video brochure (very cool), journal playbook and an aluminum, laser-edged water bottle.

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