Crisis Intervention and Recovery Center Branding

The Challenge

Reimagine the look and feel of the “crisis center” as it’s known in the community. The old logo was poorly created and original design files weren’t to be found anywhere. The organization needed a new indentity that was in touch and in tune with growing crises plaguing the community.

TheĀ Solution

This project proved to be more difficult that anticipated. There was a consideration to change the name and create a new entity. But the organization was already known well as the crisis center. So that thought was quickly tabled. It was also determined that someone in crisis needed to be able to communicate quickly where they wanted/needed to go. So the name stayed the same.


The Award

Graphic Design USA
2017 American Graphic Design Award

The American Graphic Design Awards showcase the increasingly expansive ways in which graphic design shapes business and society, products and services, commerce and culture. Winning projects run the gamut from traditional print and packaging to non-traditional internet and interactive, from dream assignments to bread and butter endeavors, from large creative departments to independent design studios and freelancers, from established stars to rising newcomers, from red states to blue.

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