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Branding example

Branding consistent with your business

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is a necessity for success. The basic need of marketing is the establishment of a brand identity. Corporate branding helps customers relate to a business and identify a wide range of product offers. Let us brand you.

Design for brand consistency

Every company needs supporting materials to further their endeavors. In years past, much of it was ink on paper; a lot of it now lives in the digital realm. No matter the form it appears, each successful piece has design behind it.

Web design to support your brand

Realize that a branded website is a functional work of art. It is true that there are thousands of website templates out there. But 95% of the time, they do not fit your brand. And most of the time, they look like they were made for something, or somebody else—and if you think about it, they were. You are not a template.

Design that covers all the bases

Graphic design has to cover so many different types of media. Collaborating with a studio that understands the intricacies of all types of media is key. Anyone can design for one type of media, true multi-channel experience shows itself when the look, the feel, the integrity and message crosses all types of media seamlessly.

We don’t design to win awards…

We design for our clients’ success. But when awards happen, it’s pretty cool.

Hermes Award
TomTod Ideas

Marcom Award
North Canton Public Library

Hermes Award

Hermes Award

People are talking about our work!


What got you into design?

This morning I answered a question in a FB design group I follow... "what got you into design? Hmmm. I always liked to draw, I spent many summer vacation days drawing at our kitchen table with my cousin, but never really pursued it. Fast forward... I worked at...

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Annual Reports Don’t Need to be Boring. Part 2

TomTod Ideas is anything but boring OR typical. Their approach to what they do is simple. Uh sort of. TomTod uses an experientially-oriented, project-based approach to giving students the skills and abilities to impact change in their world. Ranging from What If You...

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Wake up and smell the coffee

Our friends over at Mandy Yams Coffee Company asked us if we'd be interested in developing the brand for the newly launched coffee roasters. Well, being lovers of coffee, of course we wanted to. Their Mandy Yams Facebook page has this description of the business,...

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Annual Reports don’t need to be boring

People are bombarded with information everyday. Time is limited and so are attention spans. So why complicate an annual report with a long, drawn-out document. The North Canton Public Library had their story to tell about their successes in 2015. Site 14 developed a...

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ChoreChaser Corporate Identity

 “We’re a family-owned company and we want the people that help to feel like they’re part of our family.” When we set out to develop the ChoreChaser brand, we wanted it to have a friendly and casual feel, just like the owner and the staff. A local, family-owned...

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Ermanno’s Rebranding

We love pizza. So when we were asked to redesign the logo for Ermanno’s Legendary Pizza… we were all over it. The old logo served Ermanno’s well but it was “time for a new look,” according to Alan Frank, owner and president. “We want and need something that’s going to...

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